Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst LLP is an atrocious law firm in Dallas, Texas, which commits an enormous fraud on their clients by failing to disclose many key facts which stack the deck against the client, and in their favor.  For example, they are organized as an Limited Liability Partnership, which does not fall under the definition of an "individual," which includes companies, and therefore if they lose a legal claim against them, no court can ever order them to pay the claimant's attorney's fees or expert costs.  Yet if they bring an action against you and you lose, you WILL have to pay all of their fees.  Another examples is they require disputes be resolved through JAMS, but eagerly hire the JAMS arbitrators for lucrative mediations, which can create bias in their favor. 

This will be added to later, but for now includes only links to the following documents:

01 - State Bar Complaint against Kent Dean Krabill - This is the body of the complaint.

02 - Exhibit 7 text and table - Objecting to charges in the Museum suit.

03 - Exhibit 8 text and table - Objecting to charges in the Terry suit.

04 - Exhibits 10 to 97, 689 pages - Exhibits 10 to 97.

05 - Exhibits 101 to 141, 418 pages - Exhibits 101 to 141.

A - Answer to Motion to Enforce Arbitration Award - Answer.

B - Motion to Vacate Arbitration Award - Describing what LPCH is really like.