Thirsty 13th Pilots November 4, 2011

Reunion Pilots 1940s Headshots

Thirsty 13th 70th Anniversary Reunion
November 4 - 5, 2011, Fort Worth, Texas

Thursday, November 3:  Members arrive:

First arrival:  Al Judd from Corpus Christi, with a bottle of scotch, with Seth Washburne.  Second arrival Welly Goddin from Key West, Fla.  Behind him Nancy W.

Judd ArrivesJudd, Nancy W., Goddin, Gordon










Patrick brought Darrell Huston in from DFW airport, from Burbank, California.      Carl Sackett arrives, after driving from San Antonio.

Patrick and HustonSackett











Art Golumb arrived from Miami later at night and is met in the morning.  Book editor David Colburn drove all night from Kansas.

Seth and GolumbEditor David Colburn










Friday, November 4, 2011:  Going Flyin'

We go to Fort Worth Meacham Field's Vintage Flying Museum...and meet our mounts:  two C-47s and a B-25.

Vintage Flying MuseumMeacham Line










They fly again!  Judd flies left-seat in the Southern Cross, Sackett flies right seat in Sky King, for about 1 hour, up to Frederick, Oklahoma.

Judd flyingSackett flying










Along the way, Sky King comes in for a close photo.  Near Frederick, the Southern Cross banks away.

Southern CrossSouthern Cross banking away









Frederick, Oklahoma's WWII Aerial Demonstration Team (Jump School) welcomes us to their hangar, and we enjoy meeting everyone, lunch, and a special cake.


 Peters flies locally, then Goddin, Huston, and Soderland each fly left seat in the Southern Cross for a 30-minute leg, from takeoff through landing.

Peters, Goddin, Huston, Soderland flying

Golumb flies again, in Sky King.  Friday night at dinner, as Janet Goddin looks on, Norma Sackett presented Seth with an award, that all the men went in on, for being "The Greatest Historian of the Thirsty Thirteenth."

Golumb flyingFriday night presentation










Saturday, November 5:  To be completed...